Il Galletto O.P. was established in 2008 by Giuseppe Auteri, who has been dealing with the citrus fruit sector for more than 20 years. Because of his great experience and together with 9 other high-level producers, he has decided to found a farmer’s co-op which could meet an ever increasing demand.

Over the years, Il Galletto's turnover has increased, as well as customers and Co-op’s members. To date, Il Galletto O.P. includes more than 50 farmers. It is one of the most important reality in Sicily, because it has more than 600 employers.
Il Galletto O.P. extends its cultivation on a land of about 1000 hectares consisting of citrus and another 1000 hectares consisting of grapes, respectively located in the plain of Catania and in the district of Mazzarone, mostly owned by Mr. Auteri.

The Co-op’s aim is to offer customers high-quality products and a wide selection of fruit, which represents a great strength considering an increasingly varied and exacting demand of the final consumer.
The flagship of Galletto O.P. is the production of red Tarocco and early-ripening grapes in greenhouses.
The company has a lot of foreign customers. France, Belgium, Switzerland and Germany are just some of the countries where the “Galletto”’s lines are now an important reality. In Italy, we most market for the large-scale retail trade.

Because of the company’s great growth, Mr. Autieri has decided to leave the administration to follow the production chain, from the campaign to the processing/marketing, so as to ensure higher quality standards.

2020 - Il Galletto Società Cooperativa Agricola O.P.
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