Harvesting time: from mid-May to August

    The Vittoria variety belongs to the white grape family and comes from a special Romanian cross.

    The large berries are bright yellow and have a large amount of bloom (the whitish waxy substance) on their skin. Its flesh is very juicy, quite sweet and contains 15% sugar. The bunches weight 600gr- 1 kg. Each plant in this vine produces 25 kg of grapes.

    The Vittoria grape is very digestible, nutritious, energetic and also has many therapeutic virtues, e.g. antioxidant, detoxifying and diuretic properties.

    One of the main peculiarities of this vine is that it germinates very early.

    Already in mid-May, the greenhouse Victoria grape begins to be harvest-ready.


    Harvesting time: from August to December

    Beautiful and tempting bunches, tasty, spherical, golden berries: this is what Italia variety is all about, one of the most popular grape variety.

    With a symmetrical cone-shaped bunch, which can weigh up to 1.3 kilograms, it has a sweet pulp, with a slight Muscat aroma and a crunchy and thick skin.


    This vine, created by A. Pirovano in 1911, loves fertile, calcareous and deep soils.

    The Italia grape ripens at the beginning of August and can be kept on the vine until December. It is a very productive grape; after harvesting, it is also pathogens and transport- resistant.

    This fruit is very high in calories, because it contains simple sugars that are easy to digest. It also contains vitamins (C, PP, group B), organic acids and mineral salts. This type of grape also has several benefits: it has energetic, detoxifying, refreshing, diuretic and laxative effects.


    Harvesting time: from mid-May to August

    Considered one of the best early black varieties, Black Magic is very popular in all wine-growing countries and was registered by the Institute of Viticulture in Chisinau (Moldova) under the name Kodreanka.

    This variety has a beautiful bunch with inviting, seedless, crispy, juicy, bright black berries.

    The qualities of this grape, in addition to the intense colour, are the grains’ crunchiness and the delicious flavour, which make it an exceptional table fruit, as well as an essential ingredient in many dessert’s recipes, especially for the decorative aspect.

    Early ripening is a great advantage, as it allows you to have the fruits available even before the beginning of summer.


    Harvesting time: from August to November

    The Red Globe is one of the most common late ripening table grapes found in supermarket and fruit and vegetable stalls, because of its ability to withstand long transports and storage.

    It has large, conical/pyramidal, winged bunches of medium compactness. The berry is large and spherical, the flesh is dark pink with a sweet taste, almost seedless. The unmistakable characteristic of this table grape is the fruit’s colour, a beautiful shade of pink and blue with a white veil that covers the grapes.

    The Red Globe is a table grape created by the University of California in the '50s, and it has been grown in Italy since the '80s. Extremely digestible, it has many therapeutic properties: it activates liver functions, facilitates digestion and helps to reduce the level of cholesterol.

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